The Post (2018) – Film Review

Follow @bltdsports There are some times when you walk into a movie, and you know exactly what to expect, and yet, you’re still blown away, despite all that. Steven Spielberg—whom looks to have a pretty handsome slate, this coming year—doesn’t disappoint with The Post. A film both political and personal, and never a more pertinent time… Read more »

Trust the Podcast #18 – Bills at Jaguars

Follow @DelReid Follow @wolfebltd The Buffalo Bills took the field to play a NFL playoff game this past week. Unfortunately, that was the lone highlight of the afternoon. Buffalo struggled to mount any offensive pressure all afternoon and ultimately saw their season end against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Del Reid and Ryan Wolfe take a look… Read more »

BLTD #114 – NFL Playoff Previewcast

Follow @MrLgPerez Follow @wolfebltd Luis Perez and Ryan Wolfe dust off the podcast and return to the airwaves to discuss the hot topic of the sports week – the impending NFL playoffs. With the improbable addition of the Buffalo Bills to the mix in the AFC, along with three of the six NFC representatives being… Read more »

Trust the Podcast #17 – Bills at Dolphins

Follow @DelReid Follow @wolfebltd Arguably the biggest game in a decade for the Buffalo Bills and they absolutely nailed it. Buffalo took care of business on Sunday and got the help they needed. Del Reid and Ryan Wolfe took a look back at the Bills fantastic weekend, as they put their 17-year drought to bed… Read more »

NFL Power Rankings – Playoffs

Follow @wolfebltd The NFL regular season is over and what an exciting way to end. All games with playoff implications began at 4:25 ET – with little disappointment. Tennessee and the Los Angeles Chargers did their job, along with the Buffalo Bills. This turned all fans eyes to the Bengals / Ravens game. Baltimore ran… Read more »

The Greatest Showman (2017) – Film Review

“Don’t quit your daydream.” That’s what’s printed in large, friendly letters on the front of my reviews journal, and—probably—what would’ve been P.T. Barnum’s life motto, if he had one. The Greatest Showman is a celebration of life, all walks, and what makes show business so magical. Even from the outset—a little pre-show greeting from Hugh… Read more »

Trust the Podcast #16 – Bills at Patriots

Follow @DelReid Follow @wolfebltd The Bills / Patriots game last Sunday afternoon went about as well as you might have expected it to. Buffalo held strong early but ultimately fell apart after the half. Del Reid returns to Trust the Podcast for the first time in two weeks to not only take his job back… Read more »

NFL Power Rankings – Week 17

Follow @wolfebltd The end is here – the end of the NFL’s regular season that is. We still have a handful of spots up for grabs, which will make for a VERY exciting Week 17. Sit down by the fire with us and watch some teams cash their ticket to the playoffs.

Netflix’s Bright (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern A cross between Fantastic Beasts, Men in Black, and Training Day? Sign me up. This movie blended the real world—and its present-day problems—with more fantastical elements really well. The opening montage of mostly graffiti images brings us up to speed on the politics of the world, and the looming dangers of the story:… Read more »

Trust the Podcast #15 – Bills vs. Dolphins

Follow @BJWilsonWGR Follow @wolfebltd The Buffalo Bills hosted their final home game of the regular season and it ended up being a big victory for the hometown team. Ryan Wolfe is again joined by WGR’s Brayton Wilson to discuss the very important 24-16 victory over the Miami Dolphins. Ryan and Brayton also discuss the potential… Read more »

  • The Snowman (2017) – Film Review

    Follow @theREELevankern A slow-paced, formulaic whodunit crime-thriller, Tomas Alfredson’s The Snowman is…exactly what I thought it would be. Straight-faced and “by-the-book” (pun intended), this movie doesn’t bring anything new to the table, and loses points because of it; the 23% MetaCritic score on IMDb is no accident. We open with some exposition—a troubled youth, and… Read more »

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  • BLTD Podcast #112 – October Sabrecast

    Follow @BJWilsonWGR Follow @wolfebltd The Buffalo Sabres season is underway and boy, has it been UGLY. What is going on in Buffalo with this rocky start? Brayton Wilson and Ryan Wolfe take a deeper look into the Buffalo Sabres start with large rants included. Scoring is down, the defense is bad and the Sabres aren’t… Read more »

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  • NFL Power Rankings – Week 7

    Follow @wolfebltd Pittsburgh dealt Kansas City their first loss of the season. Not a lot of people expected that, especially after the Steelers roller-coaster of a season so far. The Chiefs found themselves somewhat exposed in Week 6 but they still stand tall atop the BLTD NFL Power Rankings.

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  • Trust the Podcast #6 – Bye Weekcast

    Follow @DelReid Follow @wolfebltd Just because the Buffalo Bills had a bye week does not mean Trust The Podcast took time off! Del Reid and Ryan Wolfe take a look around the National Football League to see what the story is with this weird football season. As a bonus, we get an early look at… Read more »

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  • NFL Power Rankings – Week 6

    Follow @wolfebltd Another week, another victory for the Kansas City Chiefs. They lead the NFL in the power rankings and rightfully so. Despite a close call on Sunday night, Kansas City looks very good. Everyone else? Meh.

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  • Trust the Podcast #5 – Bills at Bengals

    Follow @DelReid Follow @wolfebltd The Buffalo Bills looked to finish off their pre-bye week portion of their season schedule with a bang but unfortunately ended up as merely a whimper. Buffalo fell to the Cincinnati Bengals, 20-16, but didn’t not completely disappoint in the process. Despite the tough loss, Del Reid and Ryan Wolfe are… Read more »

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  • Blade Runner 2049 (2017) – Film Review

    Follow @theREELevankern Take note, future filmmakers: This is how you make a proper sequel. So much in Hollywood relies on “bigger and better than the first” nowadays, but the best material to the classicist is always the original. In some rare cases, though, follow-up films can eclipse—even outshine—their predecessors. Terminator 2: Judgment Day… The Dark… Read more »

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  • Against Me! Electrifies The Town Ballroom

    Follow @wolfebltd On Thursday night, three punk rock acts called Buffalo’s Town Ballroom home. For all involved, it was everything one could have imagined and then some. The punk rock definition might throw people off but the evening was filled with energized vocals, rumbling bass lines, piercing guitars and thunderous drums. Truly all that a… Read more »

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  • NFL Power Rankings – Week 5

    Follow @wolfebltd Kansas City remains alone on top as the only undefeated team left in the NFL. I’m sure you had that in your preseason predictions, right? Sure you did. Only thing more surprising that Kansas City? The Buffalo Bills. Damn, they look good.

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    Posted on October 3, 2017 by