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NFL Power Rankings – Playoffs

Follow @wolfebltd The NFL regular season is over and what an exciting way to end. All games with playoff implications began at 4:25 ET – with little disappointment. Tennessee and the Los Angeles Chargers did their job, along with the Buffalo Bills. This turned all fans eyes to the Bengals / Ravens game. Baltimore ran… Read more »

NFL Power Rankings – Week 17

Follow @wolfebltd The end is here – the end of the NFL’s regular season that is. We still have a handful of spots up for grabs, which will make for a VERY exciting Week 17. Sit down by the fire with us and watch some teams cash their ticket to the playoffs.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 16

Follow @wolfebltd The playoff races are tightening in both the AFC and NFC. Teams are clinching divisions left and right but the most exciting part about this season? We’ll have meaningful football games heading into this next week and the final week of the season. Check below for the latest BLTD NFL Power Rankings!

NFL Power Rankings – Week 15

Follow @wolfebltd We draw ever closer to the NFL playoffs and the playoff picture is as murky as ever. Twelve teams are still alive in the playoff hunt as the season hits the final few games. Check out our latest power rankings below!

Trust the Podcast #13 – Bills vs. Patriots

Follow @DelReid Follow @wolfebltd ‚ÄčThis last week provided the outcome that many had assumed would happen, with New England beating the Bills. Coming out of this game, Bills fans were fed some unfortunate injury news along with a brand new controversy involving Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Tune in to TPP 13 to hear Ryan… Read more »

NFL Power Rankings – Week 14

Follow @wolfebltd We are another week closer to the NFL playoffs and while the picture gets a little clearer for some, it gets murkier for others. The New England Patriots are back on top of the BLTD Power Rankings after a simple handling of the now mediocre Buffalo Bills. It is never good when you… Read more »

NFL Power Rankings – Week 13

Follow @wolfebltd This past week of football was wild. We are quickly realizing that teams like the Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles are for real. While teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars took unfortunate steps back. One thing now know: watch your neck, you might get your chain snatched.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 12

Follow @wolfebltd Another week is in the books – football fans have had themselves a good week of football to watch. Who doesn’t love watching a rookie who has no business starting and throwing five interceptions? *sobbing* I MEAN I LOVE FOOTBALL, MAN.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 11

Follow @wolfebltd The good teams continue to win and the bad teams continue to lose – what a novel concept! These mutually exclusive events have created a bit of a logjam throughout our weekly power rankings. Either way, jump below and take a look to see where your favorite tackle football franchise ranks this week.