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The Bye Bye Man (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern I honestly don’t know where to start with this movie. I had an inkling that it was to be nonsense ever since I learned that it was hugging tight its PG-13 rating. I don’t just want to stop going to horror movies (I’m holding out hope for a triumph, someday), but with all… Read more »

Patriots Day (2016) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern One has to be careful with how “historical” films like this are crafted; studios choosing when to green-light a production is the first step, but it’s up to the filmmakers how to tell such stories in an engaging yet respectful manner. I don’t really remember the bombings in Boston. It’s odd—I remember September… Read more »

Hidden Figures (2016) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern Can’t remember the last time I stayed after work for a late show—it might’ve been Captain America: Civil War—but I felt I owed it to you guys. That, and I got two movies to watch this weekend, three reviews to write up, and a full schedule of shifts at the theatre… I’m glad… Read more »

A Monster Calls (2016) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern Every once in a while, a film comes along that reminds me why I love this medium. I’m listening to the soundtrack over as I write this, even though the events of the movie are still very fresh in my head. A movie shouldn’t leave one’s mind so quickly, as so many are… Read more »

Passengers (2016) – 10 Intriguing Elements

Follow @theREELevankern This was supposed to be a free-writing exercise before I retire for the holiday season, but I can’t seem to allow myself to work without some sort of structure to it. It’s not a Top 10 list in the normal sense, but I simply had to do something, in regards to reviewing this… Read more »

Rogue One (2016) – 10 Reasons to See

Follow @theREELevankern Ever since Disney attained the rights to George Lucas’s space epic, they’ve begun to build a universe much akin to their Marvel property: an expansive, multi-platform experience that transcends the bounds of normal cinema and almost always guarantees a grand box office turn-out. Rogue One is no different, despite it being a step… Read more »

Moana (2016) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern As an Industry favorite, Disney and their product—to a movie-goer like myself—is something I’m always excited to see come to town. Moana was no different. So, finally, a week to the day of its release, I finally was able to squeeze into the theatre to catch a show. This movie’s been killing it… Read more »

Arrival (2016) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern “All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” ~ Victor Hugo The last time I was optimistic about an upcoming science-fiction film, I got slapped with Independence Day: Resurgence. It’s rare, nowadays—as with horror—that I actually see an entertaining, thought-provoking sci-fi film. But this was… Read more »

Doctor Strange (2016) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern The audience turn-out hasn’t been as phenomenal as I thought it would be, and I honestly don’t know why… With Benedict Cumberbatch taking center stage, a supporting cast full of A-listers that even today’s most greenhorn movie-goer would recognize, it baffles me that a Marvel movie—of all things—wouldn’t sell out at least two… Read more »