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Ghost in the Shell (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern You know that old “Where’s the beef?” commercial for Wendy’s? Perfect analogy for this movie here, I feel. I’m not going to totally destroy the thing; there are some things about it that I admire, but I’ll get to that later on. I’m a bad-news-first kind of guy, so I’ll say that piece… Read more »

The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern With the rash of World War II and Holocaust-related films we’ve gotten in the past few decades—and will continue to get for a long time, no doubt—it’s good that, very once in a while, we see that turbulent time recounted through the eyes of a civilian. I’ve no problem with war movies—I’m rather… Read more »

T2 Trainspotting (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern Sequels are always a toss-up. When said sequel hits theatres two decades after the original film, it’s even more of a gamble for the filmmakers. Thank God for niche audiences and die-hard fans—willing to support their favorite franchises, regardless of the situation. I first saw Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting (1996) in college, and I… Read more »

Power Rangers (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern Like my beloved Transformers films that have preceded this release, such a fan favorite’s big-budget transition to the silver screen is seamless and long-overdue; with a six-movie arc in the works, we won’t be seeing the end of the ever-evolving Rangers universe anytime soon. With a sick soundtrack to boot—where even the remixes… Read more »

Life (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern It’s hard not to compare this movie to the masterpiece that is Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979). I don’t want to knock this film entirely; for a good chunk of the film, I was on the edge of my seat, and the body horror aspect is really ramped up from its 1979 inspiration, but…an… Read more »

The Belko Experiment (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern I’m torn about this piece. Now, before that statement completely turns you off to the idea of going to see this movie, let me explain myself… I guess I should start by saying that this film is, as advertised, rated a very hard “R” for a reason. This is a gore-fest unlike any… Read more »

Premiere Review – Samurai Jack (2017)

Follow @theREELevankern I remember very little of the old show; more than a decade ago now, all I can recall is that Samurai Jack was part of the initial “Golden Age of TV” that made my childhood cartoon-watching so enjoyable. It was part of that Friday-Saturday night line-up—alongside other largely-forgotten nostalgia, including Johnny Bravo, Ed,… Read more »

The Shack (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern // This is shaping up to be the year of the character. Many of the films I’ve reviewed are concerned more with crafting likeable characters, rather than the instances that befall them. Character-driven stories appeal to writers like myself, especially, as we know that well-established characters that the audience can relate to are… Read more »

A Cure for Wellness (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern I’ll come right out and say that I had really high hopes for this movie. Usually, I go into a show with low or even moderately-low expectations, and I’m (usually) surprised, if even only a little. Perhaps it was the promise of another enthralling psychological thriller (as I’m still coming off my Split… Read more »