Joywave Kicks Off Tour in Style

Rochester’s own Joywave kicked off their month-long, 21 city tour in style on Saturday night.

Anthology played host to Joywave, Kopps, The Aces and The Demos. According to their Facebook page, Anthology is “a restored multi-level auto warehouse in the historic East End district”. This venue is a very nice addition to a Rochester-area that has often struggled to keep worthwhile concert venues around.

Last night’s show was a sold-out affair, which featured people wall-to-wall. A safe estimate would put the people well around a thousand. It was a sight to behold.

Being a hometown show, three of the four acts featured hometown flavor.

Local act The Demos opened things off with their trademark sound and quick hits. Whenever this group plays, you just never want to stop listening.

The second act to take the stage were The Aces – who you may know from their hit single “Stuck”. The Aces made their first appearance in Rochester on Saturday night and judging by the crowd reaction, it won’t be the last time we’ll see this all-female group in the Flower City.

Another local group Kopps rounded out the pre-Joywave festivities. The group was nothing short of incredible. Synchronized dance moves, thunderous beats and great music. Before their set ended, Kopps announced that they had recently signed a record deal with Hollywood Records. Another Rochester band making waves in the music world.

The time had come for Joywave to make their way onto the stage – what a treat they had in store for the people in attendance on Saturday night.

A 19-song set-list filled from top-to-bottom with hits all throughout the band’s catalog – fourteen of which came from the band’s two studio releases.

The long night of music was well worth it – Joywave’s live performance was incredibly tight and sounded fantastic. Joywave has quickly grown from a local favorite to a national must-see act.

Joywave’s tour stretches from coast-to-coast over the next month. For more details on where you can see Joywave, check out:

BLTD’s staff photographer Katie Fortunato of Fortune Photography was at Anthology on Saturday night to capture the scene. For more, head over to Fortune Photography.

Written by Ryan Wolfe

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